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Lowering and sway bars

I had both installed in my 18 SS, and have loved it. I owned another 18 SS for about a month before buying mine new. The difference in ride quality is negligible in my opinion (but 1 month of driving the other, I didn't know it second nature like I would now). Mine is a daily driver, but my daily drive is normally short, and is non-existent since March, but the ride harshness is just typical sports car. It's not a plush ride. But if you were fine with the SS ride before, you'll be fine with it after the mods. And they really deliver on the track. If you're doing it for track gains, definitely worth it. If just for looks, very likely worth it because there really is no downside other that the pocketbook hit. GM did a great job tuning this kit to feel like the normal SS, but perform like the 1LE. Not sure where you're located, but if close to Boston I'd take you for a ride to give it a real world feel.
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