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Originally Posted by Scargoes View Post
Iím running 305/19 and will soon be moving to 315 or 335/18s so the added clearance to the strut from camber plates is beneficial. I also use the car primarily for autocross and even at -3* Iím wearing the outside more than the inside of the tire. I check tire temps when Iím at Willow Springs and with the fast, high load corners, -3* comes close to even temps with the Supercar 3 tires.
Agree. Camber plates make perfect sense if increased camber makes a difference based on a venue/driver. That was my key point as well (over revised lower control arms somehow being a "must have" item).

I too run high load tracks and personally 2.6F works great for me. Having said that, i also run a stock G3 tire.

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