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So, I think most folks would love to see an LT5 Camaro. History suggests that this won't happen (as the ZR-1 engine has not previously been shared).

There is a possiblity that the LT5 could end up in the Camaro anyway. With auto companies going to fewer an fewer unique chassis and drive trains, it could easly be explained.

Also, if this new vehicle was produced it would be a 2020MY at the earliest. And there will no longer be a ZR1 Corvette at that time, so the LT5 would no longer have a home.

Also, also, the timing would be great considering the timing of the GT500 release. Could be pay-back time for the 5th Gen ZL1...

Also, also, also, there was a prototype of some kind of 6th Gen Camaro with Carbon Ceramic brakes and a shaker style hood. (link: This could be a new hood to fit the LT5's larger supercharger.

Also, also, also, also, as for the heritage of the name Z/28? This is a minor point for me, so I don't care so much what they call it, just that they make one...

But, IMHO, I don't think we will see an LT5 Camaro. But, that's just my opinion, which you know what that's worth...
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