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Originally Posted by NASTY99Z28 View Post
Nobody ever said the price of the 6.2 should go up just that the 5.3 should be less then in turn the 6.2 would be considered a premium engine and cost more then a 5.3 but not much higher then the outgoing model. Also the 6.2 lt1 isn't the same as the the 6.2 ls3 so your point is invalid.
I'm saying it. Basic logic dictates that a 5.3L would be at least as expensive as the current SS, with the 6.2L going way up (just as it is for the V6 if a turbo-4 is added to the lineup). The LT5.3 would not have much if any production cost difference compared to the LT6.2, with the LT version certainly not cheaper than the current LS3, and since GM is unlikely to introduce a low profit version of the SS, and since a 5.3L and 6.2L version are equally unlikely to be priced the same, that leaves only one possibility, unless the production cost of the rest of the car/Alpha platform is going to be significantly lower, which is unlikely as well.

The point isn't invalid based on the LT1. A 5.3L version of that engine would not match the output of the LS3. And the cost increase of the LT1's new goodies would be very small (a few hundred maybe) compared to the sticker price hike (likely thousands) that would be asked of a whole new trim level above the current LS3 SS, if the 6.2 become a step-up. And quite frankly, the LT1 6.2 alone is not going to be a big enough step-up from the LS3 to justify that magnitude of price increase.

Ultimately, this is a moot argument, though, because a 5.3L Camaro will likely not happen, not now anyway.
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