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The Alpha chassis was designed to accommodate a V8 and you'll see it in the Alpha CTS-V. I do find it interesting that there are so many thinking the V8 is a thing of the past. The LT V8 will be with GM products for at least the production cycle of the just released trucks, C7 and coming SUVs. When the 6th Gen rolls out, there are numerous engine options available - turbo 4, V6 NA, V6 TT and of course a range of V8s. Listening to the rumor mills there is a 427 headed into the C7 Z06. With the 6th Gen Camaro production cycle two year or so behind the others the LT will be with us for 7 or 8 years ata minimum.

What I hear GM saying is that the V8 isn't going away, but the price of a V8 powered vehicle will be going up.
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