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Originally Posted by danl View Post
I hope the 6th gen will get a v-8.
its all based on the alpha, and the ATS does not have a v-8 at all, just a TTv-6 as their top of the line. ( I went to GM Cadillac web site for 2014, and that is the top engine. . only 4 bangers, and 2 v-6 models.
So we may not get the v-8 option at all. It may just be a pipe dream.
DAM CAFE, and Obama. has nothing with us finding oil on US soil. the government has a hair stuck up their ass to get rid of all big engines. In past years, smaller motors was the answer to the oil scare, now, its not even that, its big brother just flexing its muscles to make everyone in the 'free world' do their bidding.
at this, I even wish they would bring back a decent 5.0, and that could work well with the smaller, lighter, more nimble camaro.
I believe that day will come, when the mighty vette will have to lose its v-8. the manufacturer car wars will continue with smaller 4 bangers, as v-8 will be long gone, and possibly, the v-6 too. I think a v-6 would live on, as a truck engine, since they have to haul some heavy loads. a 4 banger would certainly not do well pulling heavy loads.
The Alpha fits a V8.
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