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Originally Posted by The Stig View Post

Originally Posted by Michael2000
The types of quality issues I am hearing about on 5th Gen cars reminds me of cars built in the 60's and 70's.

Hood wrap missing from 1LE (how does that happen?)
there has been ONE incident of this - and we don't even have the full story yet

"Well, this is a first. Our IOM 1LE arrived today without the hood wrap. How does that happen? Can't believe they let this one slip through this way.

Not sure if we're gonna leave it this way or not. I guess we'll leave it up the customer. "

Three of one size tire, and fourth tire of different size (the people at the plant must be high)
ummm...have never heard of this issue (and I'm on here a LOT) you sure this is a camaro issue?

"WTF GM!?! MINE came with 3 285's and a right rear 305 (ZL1) "

Trunk lids partially painted inside
not an issue for the Camaro

Wheels poorly painted, and no paint on inside of wheel
OK - this one I'll give you. The wheel paint could be better, but it would also increase cost(s) to powder coat them

Big gaps between door and dash on one side
again, not a camaro issue

"My drivers side of the dashboard at the top where it meets with the door panel is off. Any one else have any fitment issues with interior parts? Would something like this be covered under factory warranty?"

Gaps between bumper and headlights different side to side
not a camaro issue

"Quality Control is lacking at GM. On my car, the drivers side headlight is 1.5 inches from the bumper cover and the passenger side headlight is .25 inches from the bumper cover. The rear right bumper cover is not popped in all the way. I brought it back to the dealership and left it with them to fix these issues. When I picked it back up they said that they fixed the front bumper but they could not fix the rear. I am not sure what they did because the issues are still there. I don't want to take anything loose and potentially break a tab because then they will blame it on me. "

Uneven metallic paint
There was a TSB released in 2010 regarding this issue. Reason is because of the different materials (metal vs. polyurethane plastic)

"Even Ray Charles could see it doesn't match."

Thin paint
valid point - our clear coats could be better

"After buying my SS, I loved it. I really thought I would keep it forever, then I arrived home. From the dealer to my house, I chipped the paint on the fender from a rock. After making a trip, my car looks like the front has been sand blasted. The paint quality on this car is so bad, Chevy admits there is only one coat of paint, and a coat of clear. You look at it wrong, and it scratches. I garage it, and come out going "Where did this come from?" I never drive it!!!!!"

Specs and dirt in paint
very few occurrences of this, and in all instances GM has stepped up and fixed it

"Question on fixing dirt specs in OE paint. I've got a fresh built 2 week old IBM SS. There is a couple dirt specs here and there in the paint. A couple that are pretty noticeable are in the rear quarter panel. Pretty small, have to be at the right light/angle to notice."

Front valence sticking out from fender
There is a TSB issued for this, it's a very simple fix. Oh and considering that all front splitters are installed by your dealer, not a Chevrolet issue

"Any of you 1LE owners having problems with the fitiment of your splitter on the sides right before the wheel well opening? Like not fiting flush against the bumper the last two/three inches or so. I installed mine and it was ok, then after about a week or so it has pulled away further. I've seen some pics of actual 1LE's on here and some seem to have the same issue."

Clutch chatter
TSB was issued about this. Easy fix.

Driveline slop
TSB was issued about this. Easy fix.

Missing fasteners
You'll have to be more specific, there are a lot of fasteners in our cars.

Misaligned panels resulting in interference fit, and paint worn away
Are you talking about the spoiler paint chipping? Easy fix, and there was a TSB issued

Once everyone gets tired of this garbage assembly, they will move on to other makes of cars. People will only put up with this for so long. This isn't 1969. People have options. Get your act together or go bankrupt again.


Comments are in red. Again - I think you're talking about multiple car manufacturers.
Stig, thanks for the response. I have commented to some of these with quotes in green from others, and the links. I need to leave, so will finish later.

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