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Originally Posted by Wizard1183 View Post
I'd think a throttle actuated hood vent would be deserving of the SS as well. It is in the high performance bracket.
I thought about that before making that statement but the actual purpose of the throttle actuated hood vent is to relieve air pressure under the hood at high speed; such as you'd encounter on a road course. GM said they eliminated 200 lbs of lift in the front with the hood vent on the Z/28. That improves front grip in high speed corners; a situation you simply won't find anywhere but on a road course. That's why I decided to not include it on the street SS which should be mostly straight line performance. If it turns out people really like that feature and want it, decision was based on logic; market demands could change that.

Originally Posted by ssrs396 View Post
The way I see it is...

LS- base car v-6 B2

RS- base car v-6 with appearance package (D3 rear led lights, upgrade wheels, suspension and more options then base.

SS-base car V-8 B2 with upgraded wheels suspension and more options.

SS/RS V-8 car with RS appearance package.

SS 1LE track package RS available



To me this works with both your designs of the rear.
Again the question is, would GM want to go to the expense of producing two completely different backs and tail light assemblies? Considering just how expensive it must be to make the back assembly, I'm guessing no. They probably have to get each back crash and safety certified too I would think. I'm with you aesthetically; I'd love to see not only B and D backs but I also actually like C; the one that looks like the 69 Camaro style.

I have an idea that might work though... I could design the back so that the recessed area where the tail lights are is a removable piece (unbolted and removed from the inside). This way the entire back assembly can be the same on all 3 styles, but by being able to change the recess insert you could have different tail light units in them. It would also be easier to paint the blackout since it's a separate assembly; no need to mask the back before painting. It might even be cool to have the bolts for the recess assembly show on the outside; might give it a military/industrial look. I'll have to play with that as a styling feature.

Only thing I don't know is if that separate recess idea would be structurally sound enough but I imagine GM's engineers could figure that out. Production-wise it's an extra assembly step; adds extra fasteners and inventory items. Don't know if the sales would justify it... it IS an idea though.

Originally Posted by RA1987 View Post
Can you make one that looks like the 2010-2013 Camaro?
You mean the back?

Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
D3 looks so much more bad@ss to me.
Yeah it does have that fighter jet on the flight deck ready to launch look. And I do believe if you saw this in your rear view mirror coming up behind you, your instinct would be to move over.
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