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Originally Posted by Start The Machine View Post
You're totally fine with the stock internals with this setup. Especially important that the tune is done right with Cooper. Only thing you need to worry about is wiping the permanent shit eating grin off of your face when this is done.
Yo! STM. I have the MW system here waiting and on FB and ebay. I have it out there for sale. Let me know where your at, if I can work with you I will try and work out a deal. I got the replacement WW tank in my car ( also for sale) for less than I was expecting.

Just let me know either way so I don't screw up, if you want it. It would be nice to know.

I don't know what people have reservations about, but this is simply an awesome add, all it needs is some one else to enjoy the octane boost and Intake Air cooling to get this trend going. Its NOT like your primary Fuel, and not going to blow up anything, its just a great intake air conditioner. Like the PUN: Air-Conditioner for your intake. Worth a couple of Octane points AND at least 20 F reduce AIT. You Do NOT have to tune around it. Just let it improve the engine breathing.

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