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Originally Posted by DexnBlair View Post
After reading around this forum, as well as the feedback I have gotten on this thread, I think I am going to go with Coopers Camaro tune. Looking at the HP Tuner interface, I really like it and Cooper knows his stuff so I am most comfortable with him doing the tune.

So here is where I am as a "Stage 1" starting point:

-Larger TB (I know WookWook, but I am stubborn in this regard, LOL): ZZP
-TB Spacer (doing this so I can eventually add a MW kit, but doing it now while I have the TB off and changing it): ZZP
-Charge Pipe: Injen
-E85/FlexFuel conversion: ZZP
-Catted Down Pipe: ZZP
-Recirculation Valve: JacFab/BNR
-Coopers Camaro Tune w/ HP Tuner.

Waiting on Black Friday to buy this stuff as recommended by STM.

This is probably 80% of all I will ever do anyway. At some point I will add a Cat back exhaust, an intercooler, catch can, ZZP Big Wheel Turbo, and possibly a MW kit. I will stop at the point where the HP will get to where I have to worry about the stock internals.

Any other suggestions/ advice?
I'm new and I have a naive question: Is there any major difference between the Injen intercooler pipes and the others I can find on ebay (e.g. IP-081 Aluminium....)?
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