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Originally Posted by 17MaroSS View Post
Temperatures are finally dropping and Hoping to see some Camaros at the track!
I will race my car, my brother will run either his c6 z06 carbon or his McLaren MP4 12 C, my buddy in his 2019 S5, my other buddy and his 2018 s4. Going to be a fun day!

If anybody is interested in going on that day that is selling any 6th gen performance Boltons let me know I may be interested! My car is bone stock and I would really like to get going with a cai, headers, tb, flex fuel...
I'm coming tomorrow, hope you guys are still on as well. I have a used Roto-Fab for the SS in pieces, along with a dry plus an oiled filter, happy to bring it so you can take a look and decide. Let me know.

Got me some nice Race-Gas juice, too, in case the 93 that BP sold me isn't enough for the INSANE 8psi of boost my Maggie makes
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