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LT1 Vs. LT4 Ring Gaps

Lots of threads discuss the issues related with the apparently (too) tight factory ring gaps on the stock top rings in the LT1.

Some measurements have been performed and it was found that not all factory gaps were equal (on the LT1), but usually pretty tight (relatively).

Apart from a few clear internal differences between the LT1 and LT4, I.E. Compression Ratios, Piston and Rod material, Intake Valves material, I found no mention of the LT4's typical ring gaps.

Does anyone have practical data / actual measurements of the ring gaps in the LT4 pistons?

This data might shed some more light on the issue of "Are tight ring gaps a likely and decisive! reason for piston failures under boost"

If LT4 ring gaps are proven similar to those in the LT1, then the likelihood of this factor being THE decisive one for failure, is lower than generally thought to hold true.

Yes, I am aware that material differences between the pistons of the LT4 and LT1 are also considered a factor (they are different!), but at least if it could be proven, that the ring gaps between these engines are similar, then this factor alone (namely the tight ring gaps), could be isolated as not necessarily being the MAIN reason for piston failures on LT1s.
After-all, the LT4 is a boosted application from the factory, while the LT1 is not.

Apology for the lengthy post, but thought that such discussion might benefit the community.
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