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Originally Posted by Mister Will View Post

I actually have all of those products from ZL1-Addons. I intend to place the jack pads on the far forward pinch welds and on the aft pinch welds. Then use the second forward pinch weld to lift with the Mag pad.

MLee, do you agree with the placement of the jack pads in the video. He says he's done it hundreds of times. I am just looking for some consensus. Generally if something works everyone does it.
Placement of the jack pads is where mine will be going but as others mentioned you need to be careful of how your jack stand fits. I mainly want mine for anytime I'm at a shop so they don't screw up.

The Mag Pad positioned in the center is all I ever need for changing tires back and forth. I sort of wanted to try the jack pads to try and make changing camber on the ZLE a bit easier with both fronts off the ground so the sway bar connecting the two sides will move around easier.

Originally Posted by Jaxcam02 View Post
I think it kind of depends on which type of jack stands you have, if you just have the standard style of stand with the pinch weld gap, I wouldn't use the zl1 pads because i could see them slipping off the stand pretty easily. If you have a flat top pad like the ESCO stands have, I would use them on the zl1 pads as slipping off the flat tops seem highly unlikely.
I really like this one
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