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Originally Posted by camaroJD View Post
The problem I have with this is that I don't seen anything official from GM about placing jacks there. I have nothing against LethalGarage (his videos are very good) but I have a hard time trusting this just because one guy/company said so, especially if I am under the car. I've posted about this and never had a definitive answer.

I want to know why ZL1 Addons now specifically says not to use the pads with jack stands. I don't remember that explicit warning until pretty recently. My guess is someone did it wrong and the car slid off. The way my jack stands fit "in" the pads feels as steady as it can be. I also know that the car was designed to have the weight in this area. With that being said, the fact that ZL1 Addons now says this gives me great concern about doing it again.
I think it kind of depends on which type of jack stands you have, if you just have the standard style of stand with the pinch weld gap, I wouldn't use the zl1 pads because i could see them slipping off the stand pretty easily. If you have a flat top pad like the ESCO stands have, I would use them on the zl1 pads as slipping off the flat tops seem highly unlikely.
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