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Originally Posted by Pupilbone View Post
Holy Crap you guys, thatís inexcusable!

My Camaro is low mileage (not too many opportunities yet for my local dealership to screw this up), but Iíve owned 6th Gens for 3 years and i havenít had any issues. I donít have lift pads either... but do I need them? Seems like techs are trained on lifting these cars or they arenít, and lift pads wonít help unless Iím doing the lifting?
Short and simple. Spend the $50-70 (however much it costs) and save yourself the headache.

These damn dealer techs treat our cars like a Chevy Spark ffs. Any dealer Iíve been to has always found a way to either buckle my fenders/crack my rockers (or both).
I spoil this car too much...
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