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Just throwing out stuff. The fact it set a MAF code and you replaced the MAF itself might point towards a bent pin, or broken wire inside the plastic insulation (cable jacket), or a pin that backed itself out of the connector. I've seen where a wire harness gets pulled and the wire inside the jacket gets broken, but the plastic is intact. Those are terrible to find.

Since you recently had it apart, got the code, replaced the MAF with no luck... could mean intermittent loose connection somewhere in that system... Next time it doesn't start, jiggle the heck out of the wiring harness and see if it makes a diff. Are you running a MAP and MAF? It should have failover ability AFAIK if it was tuned that way. So bad MAF (or associated wiring) alone shouldn't be a problem, unless speed-density was disabled.

Long story short, def acts like a wiring/connection issue.
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