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Actually, there are plenty of options for forged pistons and forged rods outside of ZZP. They are the only US supplier for a number of LTG specific items though, such as cams and head studs.

For forged rods:

Molnar Rods
CP Carrillo
eBay Chinese imports

For forged pistons:

Diamond Racing Pistons
JE Pistons
CP Carrillo

I will also state that there ARE options outside of ZZP for cams, but they ship from Australia, so buying from them is an unknown. They are on eBay if you look though.

But, quite honestly, ZZP is a great parts supply company. Responsive, quick shipping, great product selection and they stand behind the products they sell. Prices are also competitive.

I went with Diamond Racing pistons and Molnar rods for my build, but a ton of everything else is ZZP, such as Stage 2 cams, 82# valvesprings, Viton Coated head gasket, head studs, etc, etc...
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