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Originally Posted by PQ View Post

Good enough for me. LOL

But, wait...... couldn't they have heard from someone?
I love quoting myself!

"Those who talk don't know, because those who know...don't talk."

I noticed when reading through that nifty little information snippet...that the part about Alpha read a lot like a pure assumption. As though their "sources" (see above) couldn't say more than "new version in 2014" and they extrapolated from there....Is it entirely out of the question to expect a less drastic change to the Camaro? I mean, it'd be barely 4 years old in 2014...a little early for a ground-up, brand-new model, imo.....especially after they just finished doing that exact same thing in 2009...

Just my .02.

I love the rumormill. It's been a long time....

OH...and before I forget...there's no evidence whatsoever to support the notion that the V8 will disappear. Get more expensive, used in less models? Sure. Although even that doesn't mean performance will suffer at all. But keep the faith that where there's a Camaro - there'll be a V8.
"Keep the faith." - Fbodfather
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