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Originally Posted by ecoswag1990 View Post
Lol the turbo 6 wouldn't happen yet but I do think they will need to release a turbo. Emissions and gas mileage standards are making it a necessity, plus the NA V6 is pretty much tapped out power-wise. If you go over to the 6gen mustang forum the V6 section is pretty much dead except for a few people talking about exhaust notes and 0-60 times. Then if you jump over to the Ecoboost section it's packed with tuners and aftermarket part discussions. We already have several people running mid to high 12 sec 1/4 miles with relatively simple setups (exhaust, tune, intake, and maybe intercooler).

I doubt they would use a 2.0 though, the mustang uses a 2.3 liter and chevy usually likes more displacement
I have lots of respect for the EcoBoost when its tuned.

When comparing stock...a 2011 - 2014 V6 with PP was faster and I'll bet money that the new Camaro with the LGX V6 (335 HP in the Cadillac) will be faster than a stock Ecoboost in the 1/4 mile (The 8 speed transmission should help a fair amount.). That said, no n/a V6 will be a good match for a tuned/bolted turbo 4. Nobody can say for sure but based on my experience with the LLT/LFX V6, but I'd say that with some bolt ons and a tune, the new LGX would top out around 350 - 360 HP and 300 - 310 TQ.

In the Camaro's case, I believe the T4 will be the base engine, and won't be the competitor for the Ecoboost, whereas the LGX V6 will be an optional engine, and will compete with the Ecoboost. It should be faster, and get as good of mileage with its 4 cylinder mode, and 8 speed auto transmission.

That's assuming the Camaro does actually get a turbo 4 cylinder.
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