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Originally Posted by fradaj View Post
We don't need your kind on this forum. Just kidding, I looked at a few Ecoboost Mustangs with the Performance Pack, it is a pretty neat car. No official word on a T4 Camaro. I am kind of hoping they surprise us with a 3.0 TT V6.
Lol the turbo 6 wouldn't happen yet but I do think they will need to release a turbo. Emissions and gas mileage standards are making it a necessity, plus the NA V6 is pretty much tapped out power-wise. If you go over to the 6gen mustang forum the V6 section is pretty much dead except for a few people talking about exhaust notes and 0-60 times. Then if you jump over to the Ecoboost section it's packed with tuners and aftermarket part discussions. We already have several people running mid to high 12 sec 1/4 miles with relatively simple setups (exhaust, tune, intake, and maybe intercooler).

I doubt they would use a 2.0 though, the mustang uses a 2.3 liter and chevy usually likes more displacement
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