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Oil Catch Can Crankcase Pressure?

Im in the market to add a catch can to my 22 1LE and very new to the GM space (Mazdaspeed prior). I have been doing research to smooth out some of my concerns. There are a million studies on how much oil the cans catch BUT I feel as if there may be lack of research on how these affect the baseline crankcase pressure (i.e. with stock setup) and the potential deterioration of filter medias that the brands use. I have some questions I would love to find answers to, or at least discuss thoughts below:

1. Is there any R&D info from the common names (Mishimoto, Eliter Eng., Might Mouse) that addresses the concern of restriction that could increase baseline crankcase pressure and any stories of the negative effects from that?

2. How come people do not just run a single inlet (no exit hose) or a hose to ground with a filtered VTA to address restriction concerns and eliminate recirculation? Is it because the VTA in the engine bay causes a ton of soot build up?

3. Are there any modern concerns of the deterioration of filter medias that ultimately can make their way into the cylinder and cause harm?

For context, I wont be going power mod crazy during the warranty, but this car will be driven aggressively on mountain roads on the weekends and will likely see a few track laps here and there. I would be interested in going the sealed can route if I was able to convince myself that they do not increase the baseline crankcase pressure. Any info would be appreciated!
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