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Progress is coming along! Our WEAPON-X Coolant Adapter to free up the inlets fit like a glove (not on OJ), so that is done and the lid spacer is done as well! Here is that massive IC behind our 3D printed sample version. That 36x36" table is so precise, that the AN threads screwed in :rofl:; we were impressed!

A little physics lesson, length vs. width... just like a driveshaft, the longer it is, the lower the critical speed. Supercharger rotors are no different! The 2650 uses shorter fatter lobes than most superchargers and thus it can spin to approx 25K RPM whereas most other superchargers over 2L are struggling to hit 20K RPM before they're taxed out from a bearing perspective as well as volumetric efficiency perspective as there is less of a pressure drop across shorter/larger diameter rotors.

Just so you guys can see why I'm so excited about the 2650, here is the COPO 2650 casing vs. the old gen! Just WOW.... Unfortunately, the Mustang guys throw more money at Whipples, so they get first priority as the Cobra Jets are running their new Gen 5 Whipples! Now, I will be the first to say that Whipple has a lot of new superchargers out and the next gen they're working on seem nothing short of phenomenal; however, this is more relative to the 2.3Ls down to the 1.7Ls. I was just appalled by the massive size of these new COPO Magnusons vs. the older COPO Whipples. Some little known facts, but the LT4 blower was originally a 1640 and was barely making the power it needed and was already too far down the rabbit hole to redo it, so they stretched it to a 1740 to make a little more room for power. This was the same thing that happened from the CTS V gen 2 and ZL1 gen 5's LSA blower that was stretched from a 1900 to a 2300 and that is why there wasn't as much headroom gained for a LONG time till guys figured out how to improve the LS9s airflow to make more power than the LSA blower

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