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Originally Posted by The IOM Ninja View Post
Chevy should do exactly what Ford is doing IMO. The Benchmark for the 6th Generation Mustang GT is, allegedly to exceed, the Current BOSS 302. The next Generation Camaro SS/Z28 (Whichever it is, really the Z28 should be the track oriented model) should match or exceed the current 1LE Package. No more of that handling like a boat BS like the 2010+ Camaro without the 1LE Package...
I don't think that the 6th gen Camaro is working under the same conditions as the upcoming generation Mustang. It's going to be a bit easier for Ford to set the new IRS GT at or above the current stick-axle Boss level simply because there's suddenly more NVH and ride quality headroom to work with. Once you're at IRS with a fairly seriously developed suspension and wheel/tire package, the gains tend to be smaller.

Originally Posted by Mr. Wyndham View Post
The ride of the 1LE and Boss can be somewhat harsh for the non-track daily-drivers out there buying GTs and SSs, though...I think it's a good thing to make such superior suspension calibrations optional.
You have to keep them optional. Otherwise the package would either be unsatisfactory to most of the people at one end of the spectrum if it was tuned for the folks at the other, or not entirely satisfactory to many at both ends if an attempt is made to find a single hopefully acceptable point somewhere in the middle.

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