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Originally Posted by dorfmac View Post
Yes they will - I'm one of them. Left a Lexus SC430 for a Camaro. Sacrificed some creature comforts for the look, but I would love to have them back.

Bring on all the luxury items we can - preferably cooled seats
Originally Posted by dorfmac View Post
I'd be more than happy paying more for the amenities. I don't think anyone would expect some of those luxury items to come stock. I understand it's not necessarily part of everyone's concept of what a Camaro "should" be, but why not offer the option for those that would enjoy it/pay for it? It can only increase the audience of those interested.

The problem is the more and more stuff they add to the car, the more engineering costs are added as well, so, while you may be more than happy to pay for a luxury Camaro, everyone else will have to pay more as well. It's a Camaro and it's supposed to be a performance car. If you want luxury, go elsewhere.
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