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A person can do a lot of studying on the "best" motor oil and still remain confused on the subject. Admittedly, I've spent a lot of internet time trying to figure out what oil to use in my new ZL1, and I'm still not certain. I think most oils focusing on balancing cost, environmental concerns, and wear protection. I'm most interested in wear protection. Unfortunately, it's difficult to know what additive packages each oil formulation has and for the most part the manufacturer's aren't telling!

The owner's manual tells us to use a dexos1 oil for daily use. The Supplemental Performance Manual tells us to switch oil to a dexos2 formulation prior to racing. Dexos2 is typically a diesel engine oil. The additive package in dexos2 (I believe) contains more anti-wear additives than dexos1 (ZDDP). However, ZDDP is a poison for our catalytic converters, so it can't be used permanently. I haven't found any single oil that meets both dexos 1 & 2 certification (anyone else)?

I plan to continue studying the issue (frustrating as it is), and hopefully glean some insight into what oil to use day in and day out. I'm sure I'll put preference on whatever brand I believe is uperior in terms of wear protection, regardless of whether it meets dexos1 standards; but even that is difficult as the dexos page I posted earlier lists many oils meeting the standards, however most of those oils don't list themselves as dexos1 certified on their packaging.

Confusing to say the least!

Would appreciate hearing where any of my assumptions are in error.
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