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Originally Posted by Chevy71 View Post
I think your rim and tire look awesome man. I can't wait to hear what you think about them when you actually put them to the test. I have to agree with Laynlo though, it does look a little odd being so small in that wheel well. If it performs better, and that's what you're after, that is the only thing that matters. Keep us updated on how it does for you and if your 60' gets any better.
Yeah, I see what you mean. If it'll take a few 10ths off my 60ft it'll be worth it. Besides, when it squats most of that gap disappears anyway.

When I test drove them the car did seem to get up to speed faster. I didn't do 0-60 comparisons - just seat of the pants - so it could have been wishful thinking I suppose. I'm sure it'll go faster, just not sure how much. Anything's better than those nose-dive 2.0 60's.

Weather forecast for tomorrow calls for 59 to 62 with moderate humidity (53-45% dropping) and rising barometer (30.33-30.36 hg). That should be give us some low DA's (-366 to -141 ft). Even if it turns out a bit warmer than expected it'll be a good day.

I'll definitely post an update.

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