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Originally Posted by Yosh6 View Post
Ditto on FB, I don't use it, never will (unless another Elon Musk rescues it from its current state). An option could be for three volunteers to agree to update three lists. That's nine lists and there are twelve now. Drop the three 1LE lists and put those cars in with the SS's and LT-1's. There are only nine postings on all three 1LE lists combined. Or, keep all twelve lists since there isn't much work involved in the 1LE lists. It wouldn't be ideal, but it would be something; now, we have nothing. Some of the concerns would be 1) lists scattered around instead of centralized on Page 1; 2) three different interpretations of what is a legitimate post; 3) lists would not be updated at the same time, etc....
If I were keeping up with List 3 (the one I'm on and most interested in) it would look something like the image below. But not exactly, because some of the posts are not legit, IMO; like post 2168. Joined the forum, made 1 post, claimed the #5 spot (not on the list below but on the official list on page 1), incomplete post, incomplete time slip, never made another post. Something not right about that. The admin at the time posted anything submitted.
I commend whoever wants to take that on. Forums just arenít the best way to submit to a list IMO as it all falls into this one massive thread that is hard to search and interact with for each individual submission without just adding to the chaos. Not to mention adding media such as video of passes is a bit of a pain. After poking around in the forums again for a few weeks, it seems like usage is only a fraction of the larger 6th gen community that is active with their cars on FB. I realize some are only on here, but it seems more like the exception.
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