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Originally Posted by Eldi Z View Post
OK. Now I get it.
The stock pulley of the LT4 should be avoided, since it is too small (spins too fast) when working on the LT1.
So when you get the kit (Incl. Blower) from ADM (or WeaponX too?) they supply the blower with the larger Pulley already installed on it?

You are lucky to have a knowledgeable tuner on LT Gen5 ECMs and engines close to you
I think that I would have to rely on remote tuning when the time for my job comes.
I do have a couple of dynos close by, but I don't trust local tuners on the LT Gen5 platforms (yet). There are 2 tuners around who are very good on LS setups, but I am looking for experience and perfection on the LT/Direct Injection setups.
Unfortunately this place is "ruled" by EURO Import material (VW, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Etc.) and less GM/Ford/Chrysler. But it has improved slightly in the past 2 years with an inflow of C7s, SS, ZLs and CTS-V/ATS-V machines.
WX installed the griptec hub and supplied the griptec pulley which is super easy to put on as it is like small bolts to install. So if you ever change it you just need to buy a pulley and belt and can install it pretty much anywhere.
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