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Originally Posted by Puddin View Post
I was referring to Cam Motions Gen 5 LT/CS 242/258 Centrifugal Supercharger Camshaft (242/258-117+4) cam when I was talking about getting away with more overlap. It has 16 degrees of overlap yet they still classify it as a Centri style blower cam for 416-427 motors. To be honest all this cam stuff confuses the hell out of me so I just told my shop/TSP to design a cam for me that would allow for boost later on.
Yes that cam is for a centri, true that, and a bigger engine can take a larger cam, true that. But that "race cam for the track" right from the description. i.e. it gets towed. Is that what you want? On pump gas and 10.5 CR, it may offer NO HP on the top end vs a smaller cam, now on E85 / meth and 14 PSI of boost at 7000 RPM it would be up dunno say 50 HP over a 3/4 street cam.

"Cam will have an aggressive, race car type idle and strong upper midrange and upper RPM power. This camshaft must be used in vehicles equipped with properly selected headers, high flow exhaust, increased stall speed torque converter and high flow intake systems.

If you are looking for an excellent mild race cam for the track, this camshaft is a great choice."

Note the "race car type idle",

Even CM's super hot 232 / 250 which is for a max effort 6.2 is VASTLY smaller than the cam you are looking at. The only thing that you matched is the your engine size, which is really a secondary consideration, as a smaller engine can be spun higher.

Ligenfelter is making over 1400 HP on their GT35 cam

Specifications: intake/exhaust
Duration @ .050 valve lift 210 / 237
Lift with 1.8 rocker .640 .650 LSA 116.5
6.5 mm fuel pump lobe

If you are Joe Normal and this a pump gas ride, I'd look at there two
230 / 246
I don't like lift so mine is sub .600 your valvetrain life will and may vary. Oh and you better have some serious springs in that bad boy if you want to do standard lift .650 and over 7000 RPM, checkum change um every 20K miles, inconel valves (or titanium). I like the conical springs myself. As NOTHING on the stock valvetrain is usable IMO.

Just an example I have no idea which one will work for your inconel / titanium valve, titanium retainer setup.

I like the NK844 stuff:

I like this as it is solid, the factory LT4 titanium is great and all, but at some point with valve bounce and abuse a solid valve of similar strength material (way heavier) is going to be better, just realize it is going to take even more spring to control it, at least the head is undercut slightly.

Inconel for the exhaust
Forged short block, large duration sub .600 lift Cam Motion cam, 7200 RPM fuel cut, Pray Ported Heads, 3.85 pulley D1X, stage II intercooler, DSX secondary low side, DSX E85 sensor, Lingenfelter big bore 2.0 pump, ported front cats, 60608 Borla, LT4 injectors, ZL1 1LE driveshaft and Katech ported TB, ported MSD intake, BTR valvetrain, ARP studs, ProFlow valves, PS4 tires.

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