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$1500 in GM Card Earnings Rebate off your new Camaro; purchase for $1000.

Time to do this again !

I have earnings available for anyone who is looking to save on their new Camaro. GM has a maximum Redemption Allowance (with my card) of $1,500 on the 2019 and 2020 Camaros.

Negotiate your best price with the dealership, and then use my earnings for a further $1500 reduction. Can be used for your ordered car or if buying from dealer inventory.

Asking $1000 for $1500 in savings; net saving for you will be at least $500 (or MORE depending on your state/sales tax~rebate rules). I have enough earnings to help a few buyers. First come, first serve.

Thanks Ken.

Still have enough for 3 more redemptions.

Simple and easy to do.
Please send me a private message or reply to this thread if interested.

MANY Camaro, Corvette and truck deals completed in the past.

Here are new Corvettes I helped on :

AND Camaros :

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