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Originally Posted by Iron Lung Jimmy View Post
I don't disagree with you about budgets, but with his "pay yourself first" idea the budget will take care of itself. If you earn $100 and put away $20 for yourself, then you have $80 left and you will find out soon enough what expenses need to be adjusted. The budget will be self-defining.

And budgets tend to be intimidating, unpleasant, or too complicated for a lot of people so this back door approach is not a bad idea. It's a lot easier for most people to put away $20 first then figure out how to allocate the remaining $80 than to try to budget all your expenses so you have $20 left over.

OP - I like the videos. Good info presented clearly and concisely. I have to ask, though - what's up with the kitchen background? It's kind of strange.
Forgive me if I'm taking this wrong, but you sound like you're saying "budgeting is hard I'll just do most of it and wing the rest." Nobody ever said life was easy. You do what is necessary to get through life and if it's tough, too bad. Nobody is perfect. Getting a budget dialed in takes time and you should review it monthly. Doing this will help you make sure you're money doesn't just walk away from you. Take the advice for what you will, but it's a very proven method.
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