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Originally Posted by karguy View Post
Meissen,I respect your opinion and did not try to put guys like you down in any way shape or form...
But for me an american car has a rumbling V-8,rwd and 3 pedals on the floor.A Camaro with a V6 or 4 cylinder would be like a Porsche 911 with a VW beetle boxer...It would be not real because the Porsche flat six or the torquey/rumbling V8 is a part of the mystique for me !
Same with BMW cars.V8 or their famous raspy and silky inline-6.Without it it would be just any other car.
A Camaro,Mustang,Challenger,Corvette without a V8 doesn't bear no interest to me;I would rather drive a reliable/good mpg transportation device like a Civic...
Again,not to put anybody down,just my opinion...
i drive a 2012 civic everyday ,its my everyday car,my camaro ss is the muscle car i have always wanted,since i was 16 ,sure the turbos make good power,the wrxs are hard to beat off the line but......99 percent of the time im not racing anyone,im driving on the street,loving the sound and power of my my opinion there is nothing like the sound of a muscle car with a good exhaust rumbling down the street,everyone should enjoy whatever it is they like...there are no right and wrong answers here
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