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Originally Posted by 05SilverStreak View Post
Im sorry but I dont theink American Build quality will ever be up to par to comete with the Germans. You may get some "version" of it, but never 100% I owned an Audi , (the number 1 German bulider), and even with 140,000 miles on it there were no rattles inside and it felt like brand new every time you hit a bump. Realistically you cant say that about american cars after 20,000 miles or so.
I say your wrong, but I don't expect to change your opinion with one post.

Also, I find it funny how people like to compare your everyday Ford and Chevy products to the likes of Audi, and then complain about things like soft touch panels and blah blah blah.

Here is the thing...Fords and Chevys are CHEAPER for a reason!

The build quality is just fine. You want the fancy stuff, go pay the fancy prices.
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