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hmmm...hadn't thought about that. Nice lookin out regardless.

what are the current dealer install options?

got em (i think?)

RWH - LPO, Indoor vehicle cover

RWJ - LPO, Outdoor vehicle cover

RXH - LPO, Silver RS wheel center caps

RXJ - LPO, Silver SS wheel center caps

RY2 - LPO, Black Metallic Hash Mark Decals

S0J - LPO, Hood louvers

S0T - LPO, Blue Interior Trim Kit

SB7 - LPO, Red Rally Stripes

SFA - LPO, Red Center Stripe

SFE - LPO, Wheel locks

SHH - LPO, 20" (50.8 cm) 5-split spoke low gloss Black wheels

SHL - LPO, 20" (50.8 cm) 5-spoke gloss Black wheels with Red outline stripe

SL1 - LPO, Indoor vehicle cover
VDN - LPO, Indoor vehicle cover
VPW - LPO, Black Metallic Body-Side Spear Decals

VRU - LPO, Outdoor vehicle cover, Gray

VRV - LPO, Body-color painted splash guards

VTG - LPO, White Interior Trim Kit
VW9 - LPO, Black SS wheel center caps
VYW - LPO, Floor mats, premium carpeted

VYX - LPO, Painted engine cover

W2D - LPO, Cargo net

WGK - LPO, Red Interior Trim Kit

WGL - LPO, Kalahari knee bolsters

WGO - LPO, Yellow Interior Trim Kit

WGT - LPO, Black Interior Trim Kit

WHA - LPO, Red knee bolsters

Is that right? I mean for $200 on the wheel upgrades (or so), I get a whole new set?
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