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Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
IMO, I think we tend to forget the current love affair with these V-8 supposed "muscle-cars" is a phenomenon that I don't think anybody expected to last as long as it has...But the V-8 engine, and all that goes with it, is not the wave of the future, unfortunately...Whatever all this European engine business is all about, it is firmly entrenched in the US already...The big V-8 is the exception, not the rule...
I think you're selling the V8 short. Sure, its not as common as it was 30 or 40 years ago, but it still has a niche that is bigger than most give it credit for. That it has lasted longer than anyone expected supports the notion that the demand is stronger than "anyone" thinks. Remember how much GM underestimated V8 demand just 4 years ago when the 5th gens went into production?

Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
The variety of available V-8 series engines that GM has been or currently is making, is getting smaller and smaller....The amount of technology and research that was necessary to put into the up-coming LT-1 V-8s is astounding....I think the day will come when what they can do and are willing to do with the V-8 will be here much sooner than later...
Again, you are not giving the V8 enough credit. You are making the small block V8 sound as if it is some kind of exotic specialty engine, when in fact, it is very much mainstream. Because of the huge number of truck sales, the small block V8 is one of the higher volume engine families GM sells, not one of the lower. If you want to see which engine sells in the lowest volume at GM, look at the TTV6.

Originally Posted by SlingShot View Post
I think it could be used in the future, based on a gas guzzler tax. If the power of the TTV6 were close to the V8, with better fuel economy it could be a big seller. But then again, we really don't know where the tax situation will be at that point.
Except the TTV6 offers no efficiency advantage over the LT1 (If anything, the LT1 is marginally more efficient). GM's own engineers have said that publicly.
"Proven V-8 power with better efficiency than a turbo V-6"

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