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Originally Posted by DRKnightSS1 View Post
Pretty clever coffee story I must admit. It's cute. I have owned a vehicle in the past that had a turbo so I am quite aware of their capabilities. But we aren't talking about aftermarket mods here just factory setup. If I wanted to beat every Joe Shmoe on the road it'd be a V8 forcefed monster not a TT'd V6.

And I was simply stating that the sound factor is just a small reason why a V8 suits a Camaro better or any muscle car for that matter. I've heard plenty of turbocharged V6 Camaros and the sound is like a lawnmower on roids. Not desirable whatsoever.

If I didn't know better I would say you were a V6 owner? Bottom line, GM will never produce a Camaro with that setup, period.

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Never say Never ... GM also said they would Never use the Camaro in NASCAR, look how that turned out.

I think it could be used in the future, based on a gas guzzler tax. If the power of the TTV6 were close to the V8, with better fuel economy it could be a big seller. But then again, we really don't know where the tax situation will be at that point.
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