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Bumpy acceleration

So I've done my searching, please let me know if I missed the big thread on this. Since I bought my 2017 SS 1LE 6M I've been unhappy with the throttle on the street. Not just the lag, I fixed that with a Soler TB and controller. Great product (I like CF-4 for daily), I can dial in the mapping easy and I love the increased low-end response but it didn't fix the inaccuracy of throttle position.

The car is a joy on the track, so smooth and does exactly what I want. Spirited driving on the street feels great. However, I can't drive that way all the time. Shallow throttle and maintenance throttle between 1500-300 rpm at <20% produces bumpy acceleration. It will hesitate and wabble (like you're tap dancing on the pedal). This is not that A8 TC issue, this is not a cold start or slip/traction issue. It happens randomly any time, TC on or off, even with the "long hold" TC/SC off.

Now, I have had intermittent problems with the camshaft sensor CEL, but this throttle issue occurs so often, without throwing a code for weeks on end, that I have a problem blaming that. Plus, I don't want to remove my TB/controller to take it back to the dealer.

I'm about to buy an new OE throttle pedal from Rock Auto to continue my process of elimination, but figured I'd post here first. - Thanks for any advice.
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