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Originally Posted by meissen View Post
I just hope there's more separation on the home page than there currently is. It drives me nuts that I have to scroll through all the Corvette news to find the Camaro news... Yet if you go to, there's no Camaro news on their homepage...

That said, no doubt Camaro5 will not be going anywhere. There's still websites dedicated to 2nd gens, 3rd gens, 4th gens, all generations, etc.
News is news....much like a tickertape, as something relevant to the Camaro happens, it'll probably be posted, and then fade away into the archives. I can understand how that might be frustrating, at times, though.

Here is our vision for the future, in a nutshell:

We've had an absolute BLAST over the past (nearly 7) years speculating and then enjoying everything Camaro-related, including some of the best car enthusiasts on the planet!! We wouldn't dream of letting that go...So, as the 6th-generation of Camaro comes out, this web-forum's administration is ready and willing to welcome it with open arms, and integrate new sections and subforums seamlessly.

Will some directories change? Very possibly. But know this:

We will continue to strive to maintain our very high standards of decorum and the atmosphere of "friends and family" that we are so very proud of. We don't intend to fade away into the annals of history, or let our standards degrade. We hope you, our most valued members and Camaro Comrades, will continue to post, predict, discuss, and otherwise goof-off about Camaros for many years to come.

(I've been waiting for weeks to use that smilie. )
"Keep the faith." - Fbodfather
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