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Bricked My Car. Help!

Has anyone run into this issue before? My car is totally bricked at the moment and Iím not sure where to go next aside from just ordering new modules and seeing what happens. This could getÖ expensive.

Last weekend while unloading my car off the trailer, I had no power steering and a ďService Power SteeringĒ error. I plugged in my GM scan tool, and while using the MDI software to pull the codes, the car started freaking out. Service suspension, rear axle, stabilitrak, fuel level low, etc. Now Iím finding I canít communicate with most of the modules in the car. HP Tuners VCM scanner and editor canít see the car at all, and scanning with the GM tool shows no communication with the ECU and about a dozen other modules. I verified 60 ohm across pins 16 and 4 of the OBD2 connector so it seems like the CAN bus is in tact. Any clues? Iím hoping I didnít somehow fry every single module in the car. I tried 2 different batteries that I verified good and fully charged on a tender, so it doesnít seem to be that. The car is a 2018 SS 1LE.
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