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SS badge for front grill to replace bowtie

I did a forum search but didn't find anything useful and had too many results with the word combinations I tried. Feel free to link to another thread if I missed it. I've seen plenty of SS emblems on 5th Gen but haven't seen many on 6th Gen.

As you can infer, I want to remove the red SS badge and replace the bowtie with a similar size SS badge. But I want the old school bubble-letters with white or gray inlay, not the style that we have in red.

I don't mind fabricating some custom bracket or modifying the bowtie bracket. I don't want a $10 eBay cheapie. Curious what other 6th Gen users have done and if the angles on the newer SS models match the angles for the replica emblems.

Jegs seems to have a good selection of higher quality emblems. YearOne does as well.
And SpeedwayMotors:

Or does it look silly since the styling is so different on the 6th gen and that's why it seems to work on the 5th gen.

5th Gen example:

Some quick photo editing, i'm not sold yet:

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