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Originally Posted by Jus Cruisin View Post
Depending on the new tires, you might not have any speedo error. That is using a lower profile 20" tire than the 18" you can match diameters.

My F150 has an 18"spare that is the same overall diameter as my 20" wheels on the truck.
Thank you for the reply. I think I'm safe then. I'm new to rims and tires. This has literally been my 1st time. Well they're both the same height not sure if that helps. I can take pics of the actual tires if that would help you help me determine if I'm ok or not. But I've been driving it and feels the same. And like I said the 20s are the same height as my 18s. Hope I'm wording all this correctly. I apologize if I sound confusing. In addition, I also just ran into the tms message and ordered the reprogramming controller. Seems easy enough to do. Thank you again for your help and time.
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