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Grinding Noise

So Iíve been dealing with an annoying grinding or vibration noise coming from somewhere in the drivetrain. IĎve got the A8 transmission. Multiple service departments have been ďunable to reproduceĒ the issue, but one went ahead and did the transmission flush for me anyway. I donít think itís the usual shudderÖitís definitely a sound and not a feeling while Iíve heard the shudder is more of a sensation in the steering wheel. Itís worst up hill and always during acceleration. At first I thought it was during gear changes but I threw it into manual mode and it still happened. I was finally able to get some audio of it, itís not as good as being there live but you can definitely hear it when it happens. I even added some cues to make it easier to spot. 😄

Anyone familiar with this mystery sound?
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