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Wish you well Steve, especially on the health issue! Glad to see you still have a great product selection!

Originally Posted by dynosteve View Post
I must say its heart breaking to have spent my life working and building up RDP Store and after i had my stroke back in 2018 i sold the business to cory overturf in 2019 and worked there until end of april this year when i couldnt stand to be involved anylonger after seeing the business not being run the way i felt it should be and also being that i hadnt been paid for a month i decided to leave and start my own company again, if anyone is still experiencing any issues and needs help with paypal or credit card companies from a purchase from RDP they are more than welcome to reach out to me and i can help you talk to your card company and advise them of the situation and help get your monies returned to you.

All the very best to all the wonderful customers i have had over the years at RDP and i hope that you will continue to follow me to my new business

Thanks Dynosteve
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