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Optimum rinse less wash would be a good choice.
Great lubrication for safe cleaning.
No need for a hose. you can fill a bucket with 3 gal of water in the house and wash the car. Put some in a spray bottle and pre treat the car before you put a microfiber mitt to it.
That should give lots of lubrication for safe washing
All in all use a total of 3+ gal and no hose needed
I hardly ever do hose washes anymore and 90% of car washing I do is with ONR. If it is really dirty I will give it a pre rinse and you could do a pre hose at a DIY car wash if it was to dirty to start with ONR
ONR is the original and was created by Dr. Ghodoussi he helped to create modern clear coat. So he knows a thing or two on cleaning it

I recommend the Optimum sponge over MF wash mitt
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