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Originally Posted by cdb95z28 View Post
What is the per quart price when a barrel is purchased?
$1600.00 and change about 7.30 per qt there's 220 quarts in a drum, I had to pay 400 extra because the company card was maxed so I had to use my fuel company to put on a ticket to charge so after all that I paid 2200.00

If you buy directly from Golden west out of san antanio 1600.00 so less than 7.50 a quart.

Sometimes I'll get lucky at jeggs and buy a 6 pack of quarts for 43.20. I'll then use there coupons to split up evenly so I use the coupon to the max total.

43.20(6 quarts per box)
220 quarts to equal a drum 6x 37=222
37x43.20 =7.20 per quart
43.20x37 =$1598.00

So with the jeggs coupon is cheaper and free ship this time..

The next time with the coupon it was 10 bucks more per case..

The bottles were cheaper in 2021 it was cheaper only with jegs discount and free ship over the drum

Now the drum is cheaper if u buy direct
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