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I have a drum it's supercar 0W 40 esp now. If it doesn't say supercar you just have older product. Sometime around feb/March esp was discontinued it took about 3 mos. to get the new supercar esp.

I noticed they added a European esp now and before there were actually 2 esp available for our cars.

It's funny in drum they have and had. euro 0W40, 0w40 full synthetic, and 2 esps(now they supercar esp)

Point I'm making is ESP in the label adds about 800 to 1000 per barrel I could get euro for 1200 and esp for 2200 delivered .

I like the 0W40 esp it has low ash so it doesn't mess with my tier 4 tractors and as long as temp is under 105 it's ok to use vs 10w40, also I can use it in all my gas carts. Not to mention the camaros lol.
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