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Very limited Camaros on Tuesday, I guess that's why nobody replied. It was dominated by Porsche and BMW and a few Vettes.

Went too low on tire pressures in the first session and paid the price, wondering if my gauge is off. Started at 26psi (or so I thought) and the car never dialed in, constantly felt like it was rolling over in the sidewall. Weird, because this isn't my first rodeo and have started there on pressures before. Anyway, went up 1.5psi all around and the car came to life like I've known it in the past. Passed a bunch of cars until the black flag came out at the 10 minute mark for a Cobalt SS dying on the track. End of session while they towed him off. We had 10 minutes added to our 3rd session which would've been a ton of fun but my drivers front SC3 started chunking out and I could see the start of cords so rather than run out of T2 backwards towards the concrete barrier at 120mph I called it a day and loaded it back on the trailer. Rather be safe than sorry. I knew I was getting close on tires and so it's time for my new set to go on the car. 7100 miles on the OEM set and a good amount of track nights. Pretty happy with them.
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