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Hi FrostZ

Thx for your explanation.
My car is a 2018 2SS EURO Spec.

So you are saying the PIN 8 entry on the Morimoto Lights is only for dim mode?
And the fuse tab wire connector for bright mode?

I had to splice the uper DRL wire (PIN 8) and run a wire to the "retrofitted" DRLs in the Bumper as the EURO Spec doesn't have them. The Bumper DRL as the OEM Headlight-DRLs are dimming currently as OEM.
The same i had to do for the SM's where I had to splice the Low Beam wire and run wire to the SM's.

If I understood you correctly I would need to do the same setup as you (beside the fact that on the SS the DRLs are always on, also if in P (Park). Correct?
As I ran this wire from Pin 8 as well to the lower Bumper DRL's, this wouldn't cause any issues?

Would it also be possible to splice the Low Beam wire from the provided harness and run a separate wire in to the PIN 5 ( if i see it correctly on your picture), where the SM wire is going in currently on the provided harness?

Thank you for your help.
And excuse for my english as it is not my former language. :-)
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