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Sorry for the late reply but thanks!

They now function exactly as OEM dimming and all.

The reason I use the side markers is semi complicated. The 12V supply from pin 8 is on whenever the car is out of park or any of the lights are on. While the OEM DRL's are PWM controlled the Morimoto/HERO lights have two separate DRL inputs, a bright mode, formerly the add a fuse input input and a dim mode within the harness to the body which can and will override the bright mode input. The bright mode input is now connected to the pin 8 of the body harness supply to turn on all the times the DRL is normally on. We connect the side marker supply to provide an input anytime the parking lights or headlights are on, thus overriding the bright mode input causing the headlights to follow all OEM functionalities by dimming.

You are also absolutely right I will fix that right away!
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