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As far as these "warrantys" go, they are not what you think. Which is why you have to read what you are buying and signing BEFORE buying and signing. Most of these warrantys simply state that the shop will cover any failures related to the installation of the parts. And trust me, no shop is gonna call you and be all "hey man yea our mechanic didn't install the cam properly and that's what destroyed your engine so we're gonna cover it"...not ever gonna happen. And it doesn't cover parts that may fail that have nothing to do with the install. So if you drop a valve, that's on you. If your oil pressure tanks and you scorch a bearing, that's on you. If your fuel leans out and your engine goes boom, that's on you. And they have a lot of stipulations on what you must do in case of a failure etc. It is best to look at the warranty and make sure you understand it before you buy it. Because it does not mean that any and all failures are covered. They are very detailed and typically, these warrantys cover absolutely nothing.
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